12 Step Recovery Hypnosis Tools

Recovery: I’ve worked with many clients who are in various 12 step programs who are ready for that next shift and there is a particular technique that I’ve been able to use that can make a profound difference with 9th step work which I thought I’d share here.
Amends can be a sensitive issue especially if the other party is not physically available to apologize to and ask what one might be able to do to “mend” the harm done. While I was going through my comprehensive and sometimes grueling hypnotherapy training to receive my license, I was taught a modality called “Atoning for Overt Acts”. While in a deep meditative state clients will often spontaneously have the sense of being able to contact someone who has passed away/and/or is not available by proximity or is somehow not “safe” to speak to in present day. The conversations that occur, the direct experience of clearly owning ones own part and conversely being able to receive any apology, information or clarification from the other has done revolutionary healing with my clients. What is wonderful about these sessions is that the client has completely resolved the painful memory in a safe and loving environment and has been given clear instructions from their innermost self on how to move on.
So, know that this is available to you. You can find me or another hypnotherapist to assist you with this work who uses this technique and after the session and with enough practice you should be able to access and practice this manner of self-hypnosis healing on your own.