Spiritual Counseling


My love is facilitating other people’s self awareness and focus. Having a session with a client whether face to face in the comfort of their own home or by phone is a true joy as I’m able to help their own truth to emerge and ground them in their daily life. Often what is seen as a spiritual crisis or a sense of disconnect from the divine is actually a separation from one’s authentic self. Living in integrity, being informed by one’s gut and taking the risk of doing so opens connection to one’s truth or an ability to live from the heart. God of Your Heart, Supreme Being, Divine Inspiration, whatever the name, we all know when we’re living within the vibration of our best selves. Spiritual Counseling takes this all into account and often, with a few simple tools, an area of life that does not seem to have anything to do with a connection to a Higher Power will open the path to light. Let’s talk. (707)228-2798