Hypnotherapy- Find Your Own Answers

Why Use Alchemical Hypnotherapy?  Alchemical Hypnotherapy differs from traditional hypnotherapy as the therapist’s primary job is to connect the client with their own inner wisdom.

Hypnotherapy is a primary way to access the inner brain (underneath the cerebral cortex) which houses not only all memory and emotion, but also what can be called “mystical” or “spiritual” experiences.  It is the inner brain that becomes active during times of intuition, revelation, and epiphanies of scientific discovery.

During a hypnotherapy session the outer brain is called into use, but moving the client’s attention away from the analytical left, through the Corpus Callosum to engage the right brain with sensory stimulation.  Although no emotion or stored experience lies in the right side of the upper brain, it is through the right side of the brain that the connection exists with the inner brain.

Traditionally, this reaching of the inner brain is important as most subconscious and unconscious programming has occurred at this level and to create new and constructive habits, these parts of the brain must be accessed.  Going a step further when using hypnotherapy as a tool to gain insight into beliefs born from experiences the therapist and client can identify why certain behaviors or emotional responses make sense in current day life.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy goes even further.  Based on Jungian psychology and the idea of the collective unconscious where universal archetypes live in every human being on earth, the therapist first brings the client into an alert trance state, then facilitates the client a “hook up” with their own divine guidance.  Jung, himself, name his spirit guide “Philemon” and with abundant evidence easily accessible on the internet or books, many of the greatest scientists, inventors, creative geniuses and spiritual icons have named muses, or spirit guides who have come to them as a real felt experience.  Once a client has discovered this inner guide as a sensory or knowing experience, the therapist and client allow the identified guide (a series of tests having been performed to discard any “false” guides who do not have the client’s highest good as its intent) to lead in revealing the client’s highest truth.

In my practice no matter on what level you wish to explore your inner worlds, I create and hold a sacred space so that you, yourself,  may find your own inner guidance and truth.  It is my hope that not only will you come away with a profound experience that brings you practical tools to use in your everyday life  but, also, gives you continued access to your own innate wisdom.

If you have any further questions about this type of therapy, please feel free to call me at 707-228-2798 or see the  Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis website at:  http://www.alchemyinstitute.com