October 6th Workshop

Ever wish you had done something different? Continue to feel a regret which you’ve been unable to let go? Post trance work can help!
This introductory workshop is a safe, kind space meant to allow you to be able to move through an issue from your past that has been weighing you down.
Whether it be making amends to another human being, reworking a decision you’ve made or grieving the loss of an opportunity, this simple method has been proven to be highly successful in healing and clearing away past regret.
More than a guided meditation yet as silent and safe, hypnosis can help access your subconscious for input, reprogramming and solution. Our hope is that you’ll leave resolved and free. Our guarantee is that you’ll be given an opportunity to feel lighter and more relaxed.
Workshop will begin with a brief lecture on Hypnosis and how it works, followed by its use in regret and grieving therapy. After a short break you’ll be invited to participate in a silent group guided hypnosis to work on one of your own personal issues.
Cost: $20
Drop In
Suggestions: Wear comfortable clothing, eat before session and refrain from recreational drugs and alcohol.
Provided: Blankets, mats, hot tea and eye pillows (limited to 7 available, bring your own if you have them)
Contact Karen Isabel Myers at (707)228-2798 or Joan Hawley at (347)647-1568 for more information.
14014 Armstrongwood Rd Guerneville, CA 95446Hypnosis has many beneficial effects, but it is not meant to replace any medical model, medication, medical or psychological care from a qualified physician. Hypnotherapy services are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. When dealing with physical and/or mental illness or disease consult a qualified physician or therapist. Hypnosis is used only as a tool to enhance a person’s state of mind and have a positive experience.With hypnosis an individual is taught to use his/her own abilities for their own benefit. Individual results vary, depending on the level of participation and acceptance of the suggestion. The individual is in full control at all times, and in the case of an emergency would be completely capable of becoming fully awake and out of the trance state. When each session ends the individual is no longer under hypnosis.