Somatic Healing

As an adjunct to medical treatment, Somatic Healing is a process using a light alert trance allowing the client’s body to communicate with the therapist and client to help control and eliminate pain, recover from illness and injury and utilize methods that the client can use at home effectively with only a few minutes of practice every day.

Here are a few of the techniques that can be utilized during this process:

  • The Golden Sun process is an energy channeling method that is both easy to learn and extremely effective.
  • Alchemical Healing is an advanced methodology for exploring and clearing the underlying causes of disease in the subconscious mind.
  • Hypnotic Movement is a process of tuning into you body and allowing it to move in its own unique way to unwind physical traumas (like auto injuries), reduce swelling and inflammation (sciatica and arthritis), and eliminate pain.
  • Color Healing involves discovering the colors of a pain in the body and learning easy ways to move that color out of the body through exit points (like acupuncture points) that your body can readily identify for you. Especially powerful for headaches, as well as any chronic pain.
  • The Inner Healer is a powerful inner guide who can give us medical advice, and will perform spiritual surgery on our bodies in class to remove tumors, repair the bones, muscles and internal organs of our bodies.

If you’d like to explore some alternative methods that may increase your capacity for health and healing, call me at 707-228-2798 and let’s talk about what best suits your needs.