Loving Yourself In Spite Of

In my counseling sessions I’ve heard what most any traditional health practitioner in this field hears

about. Kids, jobs, husbands, love partners, pain, suffering… but what has drawn most clients to me,

or what has led them to spiritual counseling in general, is an inner knowing that they are more than

just the symptoms getting diagnosed with a mental or emotional condition. They have an inner pull,

recognized or not, that says “yes” to the sacred. And something within in them knows that they deserve

that sacred space…that that sacred space is large enough, healing enough, forgiving enough to hold

even their worst. And it is in the very space amongst their painful stuff that I see them crying out to be

seen at their best. Because they innately know it is true.

I’m not sure any of us are always consciously aware of this unshakeable truth about ourselves. That

we are loveable regardless. But what else other than this knowledge, this desire for validation of

this fundamental truth, would impel us to tell on ourselves? To friends, to loved ones, to teachers,

to counselors? We need that validation. Yes! I am loved “in spite of”! Yes! I know there is more to

me than mistakes! Yes! I know that inside is beauty and goodness and that I am not defined by the

circumstances around me. You see me, right?!

In the context of a counseling session, I have the ability to set that space as sacred. To hold the cry out

for recognition in the sanctity of that hour.

But, you may also do this for yourself. In your own time and space you can try it out. Treat yourself

as sacred by allowing yourself to be heard- just as you are- by writing in a journal. Recognize yourself

as sacred by going to a spot where there is something bigger than you in nature, you will find yourself

resonating to a larger vibration. I once had a client whose assignment was to lie on her bed in complete

silence doing absolutely nothing every day for 5 minutes. She didn’t even have to meditate. She just

had to let herself “be.” The results were extraordinary.

Create the time and space to allow yourself and your surroundings remind you, “yes, you are more!” if it

is even just for a minute.

Now go find YOUR truth.